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PURCHASE75 Loan Details

  • Term | 6 months with lender option to extend
  • Rate | 9.99%
  • Points due at closing | 3.0%
  • Loan to value | 75% of purchase price, not to exceed 50% of ARV
  • Credit score | 680+ FICO score
  • Experience | Previous property ownership required
  • Income Verification | None
  • Loan amounts | Starting at $100K

Simple70 Loan Details

  • Term | 12 months with lender option to extend
  • Rate | 11.99%
  • Points due at closing | 3.0%
  • Loan to value | Funding up to 100% of total cost, not to exceed 70% of ARV
  • Credit score | 680+ FICO score
  • Experience | Previous investment properties required for maximum leverage
  • Income Verification | None
  • Loan amounts | Starting at $100K

Rehab80 Loan Details

  • Term | 12 months interest only
  • Rate | Starting at 10.99% depending on experience level
  • Points due at closing | Starting at 2.0% depending on experience level
  • Loan to value | The lesser of 80% of purchase price + up to 100% of repairs or 65% of ARV
  • Credit score | 680+ FICO score
  • Experience | Previous flip experience required
  • Income Verification | None
  • Loan amounts | Starting at $75K

EASY90 Loan

  • Term | 12 months with lender option to extend
  • Rate | 10.99%
  • Points due at closing | Starting at 2.0%
  • Loan to value | Funding up to 90% of purchase and 100% of repairs, not to exceed 70% of ARV
  • Credit score | 650+ FICO score
  • Experience | Leverage will vary based on experience
  • Income Verification | None
  • Loan amounts | Starting at $100K

Rates and requirements may vary in California.

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Our hard money loans provide a financial solution for real estate investors, landlords, and brokers looking for loans in South Carolina. With over 10 years of lending experience, we offer an alternative to conventional lending. Our hard money loans mean fast access to capital, quick approvals, and competitive rates purchase and rehab loans for single-family homes and detached residential properties. When you’re ready to purchase and repair an investment property, we are here to help.


Let’s start with the basics: What is a hard money loan? Also known as bridge loans, flip loans or rehab loans, this type of financing helps real estate investors buy and repair investment properties.

Hard money loans are different from the loans offered by banks, credit unions, and mortgage lenders. One big difference? Hard money loans don’t have to conform to standard underwriting requirements. That means real estate investors can use hard money lending to not only purchase distressed properties but to rehab and repair them. Without the rigid underwriting requirements, hard money loans can typically close quicker than other forms of funding, which is crucial when it comes to securing a competitive deal.

Another difference between hard money and conventional loans? Hard money loan amounts are based on a property’s potential, after-repair value, rather than a property’s current, “as-is” value. That means working with a hard money lender allows investors to finance properties as if they were paying cash.

Taken together, these characteristics make hard money loans a tool investors can use to close deals quickly and optimize leverage.

Who Can Qualify for a Hard Money Loan in South Carolina?

Hard money loans offer an alternative to conventional loans for a range of buyers. They’re especially helpful for “fix-and-flippers,” or real estate investors who buy distressed properties, then repair and rehab for sale or to rent.

Flippers sometimes need to make real estate investment decisions on a dime. We understand the need for speed; that’s why we offer such a fast approval process. Often, our hard money loans are closed and funded in just 7 business days!

But not all real estate investors want to fix and flip. Many wish to purchase distressed properties to repair and rent to tenants. Rental loans help landlords maximize their investment opportunities through a range of rehab, refinance, and purchase-only options.

Unlike conventional or bank loans — which focus on individual credit-worthiness — hard money loan underwriting is based largely on the future value of the asset the investor is purchasing. Our loans are available to real estate investors that meet certain credit and liquidity requirements, rather than first-time homebuyers or buyers who plan to live in the property they wish to purchase.


We work with real estate investors to provide hard money loans in a wide range of locations across the U.S. 

Currently, we lend in:


Why do so many borrowers choose hard money loans over traditional loans? As investors know, time is money in real estate. When funds are needed within a short period, banks and mortgage lenders simply can’t deliver on time.

In contrast, we offer a quick, easy process that leads to closed, funded loans in as little as seven days. Hard money loans are an ideal choice for real estate investors who need fast access to funds.

Bridge loans offer flexibility, as well. Banks, credit unions, and other traditional lenders have rigid underwriting requirements. Many won’t fund distressed property loans or offer funding for rehab and repair. Bridge loans are designed so investors can purchase distressed properties, then rehab them to increase their value through sale or renting.

Best of all, hard money loans are based on a property’s future value, not a current, “as-is” condition. This means more money to work with… and more leverage.


Speaking of leverage, how can an investor make the most of their hard money loan? When an investor wants to purchase a fix and flip, they may choose to use their own money to do so. In most cases, this means draining an account, then waiting to recoup those costs until the repairs are complete and the property is sold or rented.

In contrast, taking out a hard money loan means less out-of-pocket cost. The investor can use the bridge funding to purchase and repair the property without draining their account. That leaves their own funds available for other investment projects.

This way, investors use just a small percentage of their cash on hand and leverage it to make more.


We provide hard money loans for landlords, flippers, and brokers. We fund distressed investment properties, including detached single-family residential properties with one to four units.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most hard money loans are short term to cover the time it takes to repair the property and refinance or resell it. At Sherman Bridge, we offer a variety of purchase-only and fix-and-flip loans with a 12-month term and the option to extend the term if needed. We also offer 36-month rental loan programs designed for buy-and-hold investors.

Most of the underwriting is performed on the asset you are purchasing verses the individual, although a credit score above 600 and a minimum of $30,000 in liquid assets are required. Our loans are not available to first time homebuyers, and the purchaser can not occupy the homes during the life of the loan. Loans are only made to real estate investors.

Typically, loans close within seven business days from when the real estate investment purchase contract and rehab budget is received.

Sherman Bridge lends hard money loans at a minimum of $75,000 and a maximum of $4,000,000.

Although third party closing fees traditional to real estate transactions can be expected, such as title company fees, appraisal, survey, and etc., Sherman Bridge itself only collects two fees for closing a loan. The first is a loan origination fee, which is a flat percentage of the loan amount, and the second is a processing fee for all of the documentation and admin work involved to close the loan. These fees may differ based on loan type, so please refer to the loan type you are requesting to determine your exact fees.

Sherman Bridge is limited to certain geographic areas because of the amount of hands-on involvement in each property. Currently, we lend in 19 states and the District of Columbia. Also, we will use a 3rd party appraisal to evaluate the estimated after repair value (ARV) on the property to ensure it will be profitable once sold or leased. Sherman Bridge will only loan on properties that are 1-4 unit single family residences, not rural and are permanent, non-mobile housing.

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