Real Estate Agents: Working With Investors Can Pay Off

Real Estate Agents: Working With Investors Can Pay Off


When strategizing how you are going to work the market for real estate, you may know all the ins and outs of how you can spruce up your listing. You can go out of your way to market the listing on social media; you can buzz about and talk about the home’s perks in a friendly manner; you can nail the ever-important open house showing, but how did you manage to get such a quality property to list in the first place?

The first step to real estate sales is an obvious one: you need to acquire an ideal property. Even while this does seem clear, sometimes a key player in the world of real estate is overlooked. Real estate investors are the catalyst to a plentiful housing market, and still sometimes remain an untapped gold mine for potential properties. Working with a single investor can help you profit off multiple closings with laid-back professional transactions. So why don’t agents like you take advantage?

Why are real estate investors important?


When investors enter the scene, most of the time they are not looking to renovate a home for themselves and their families. Instead, investors are simply looking to profit from their properties, and profit is made when investors conduct many renovation transactions a year. An average investor can be doing multiple deals on a monthly basis, which is a great thing for you. They need to sell their properties quickly in order to move on to the next renovation, and that’s where you come in to gather up that well-earned paycheck.


Re-establishing the importance of “time is money”


If you’re an experienced agent, you know the hassle of having to deal with banks and mortgage dealers for financing. When you work directly with investors that are selling their properties, you won’t have to deal with those time-consuming hurdles. Investors understand the business of private money lenders, or hard money lenders like Sherman Bridge, who deal with loans as if they were just working with cash. When a transaction is handled in such a way, closing a deal is done quickly, saving you all those terrible stress headaches.


Hard money: the ins and outs of private investment funding


Otherwise known as private loans, rehab loans, bridge loans, or construction loans, private investment funding provides the opportunity for investors to purchase and fully repair a property, no matter the level of distress. This is a godsend when it comes to real estate, as conventional loans strictly follow standards that are required by banks or mortgage brokers, and do not support such a purchase. Hard money lending allows investors to obtain maximum leverage for distressed properties and repair them. This type of financing is just like dealing with cash, which is preferred in such a time-sensitive market.


Be the financing hero for your investor, and your teamwork will go a long way


So, we have established that working with a real estate investor can be your key to a gateway of benefit. Now, let them in on a market secret: when it comes to funding their investments.

Sherman Bridge has the ability to work with every type of investor, and understands every type of strategy. With the knowledge that your time is valuable, Sherman Bridge gives fast approval, works quickly to close in 7-10 days, and does not demand outrageous requirements of their borrowers. Unlike conventional bank loans, when it comes to such things as the investor’s income or the condition of the property in question, Sherman Bridge does not deny funding.


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